GPS-Аудиогид StarGuide

Tourist service of a new generation

Unique offer for individual tourists: GPS-Аудиогид StarGuide – Your personal handheld audio guide in St. Petersburg!

Take a walk in St. Petersburg multimedia device of the new generation – Travel Service GPS-Audio Guide StarGuide: audiogid + tourist guide + interactive map of attractions in one program.

Multimedia GPS-Audio Guide StarGuide - a unique innovative product, which has no analogues in Russia. He will share his knowledge and useful addresses, you to see the real St. Petersburg. Who said, excursions that necessarily boring and limit us? Fascinating routes, unusual inspections… accompanied with good everything is possible!

If you are:

  • prefer independent planning their travel routes;
  • love to enjoy the beauty of museums and monuments in the close company of friends or in general - alone;
  • value freedom of movement and do not want to be tied to the place and time of collection of the tourist group;
  • like spontaneous change their travel routes depending on the mood, weather or fatigue;
  • maintains an active tourist life, visiting museums, концертные залы, theaters, Restaurants, shopping centers, cafes and so on.,

GPS-Audio Guide StarGuide - exactly, that you need in order, to feel comfortable in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - St. Petersburg.

  • In the hotel room,
  • in cafe,
  • in the car,
  • on the bus
  • or on the old streets -

just put on your headphones, Put the device in your pocket or clip it on the car dashboard – and your personal audio guide will be always with you.

Multimedia GPS-Audio Guide StarGuide – an electronic device on the basis of the mobile phone, determine its location using GPS. Audioguide will begin his fascinating story about the sights of the Northern Capital, as soon as you find yourself near them, share useful information about addresses cafe, museums, shops and other tourist facilities. Sitting in a cafe or while on the bus, You can browse photos you are interested to see and hear about them. On the audio guide StarGuide, who is also a city guide and map, you will never get lost in a strange city and do not miss any interesting sights.

The cost of using the Multimedia audio guide 1500 RUB. per day.