Videos of our hotel

Distinguished guests.

Мы подготовили для вас видеоролик:

Roller (duration 2 мин.), which enables you to quickly get an idea of ​​our hotel.

Enjoy watching!

3D tour of the hotel Galakt

Distinguished guests!

We present you a brand new technology presentations hotels. It is now possible, without leaving home and, without getting up from his chair, walk across the hotel “Galakt”.

You can stroll through the hotel, to go out and explore the area around the building and go inside again. Hotel rooms, resepšen, кафе, ladder, Corridors, household room, you can view from any selected angle. Presentation made in the style of a computer game.

This presentation is designed:

Boiler Studio г. St. – Petersburg
Detailed information about the interactive 3d presentations
can be found on a special website
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